We are Changemakers is an identity statement that deeply resonates with us. As South Africans, we have the distinct privilege to proactively challenge the obstacles that undermine peace and justice in our democratic society. To do this, we believe it is important to tackle the root of the problem. That’s where advocacy and campaigning has an important role to play.

Last year we ran a week-long workshop. We called it the Changemakers Designshop. A group of experts covered topics like the Christian justice story // the story of self, us, now // why campaign? // theory of change // challenging unjust structures // engaging in open spaces // tactics, targets and audiences // community organising and building a movement. And we looked at how the design thinking approach could help us innovate sit-up-and-notice campaigns.

This year we will be running a series of workshops and courses – watch this space! Click on ‘sign up’ above to receive email updates on upcoming events.

The Changemakers ‘e-course’

We’ve started an e-course to cover some of the topics (and more) that were covered at the Designshop last year. If you’d like to receive the lessons in your inbox, please click here. Click here for the course road map.

Class 0: An Introduction

Class 1: The Basics

Class 2: Public Narrative

Pre-Class 3 Inspiration

Class 3: Coming!

Online courses and resources you might find useful

An update

As of March this year Changemakers has been absorbed into the Warehouse as a project as Micah Challenge has come to an end internationally. If you’d like to read more, please read this mailer.

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Corruption kills. Expose it.

Corruption affects us all, but especially the poorest. MicahSA proudly participated in a global, two-year campaign against corruption, EXPOSED.

Here’s a big thank you for your involvement: 

Steps by G20 nations to stop aggressive tax evasion and secrecy will go ahead – thanks to the work of EXPOSED supporters and many other groups.

Greedy practices (some of them legal and some corrupt) by multinationals have been robbing billions from national economies – from Australia to Angola and from the Philippines to Portugal. Now a new global standard devised by the OECD will come into force over the coming years to make it easier to trace taxes and payments so fair tax will be paid where profits are made.

147,900 people signed our Global Call against Corruption – thank you!

An Open Letter signed by 95 church leaders who represent a billion believers went to all G20 leaders and was presented to the Australian Parliament, hosts of the G20 summit.

And in November 2014 in Brisbane, EXPOSED held the first (and possibly biggest) public action at the G20 when we set up ‘the world’s biggest mock tax haven’.

Together with wider civil society, we made sure that corruption was an issue for discussion by the world’s biggest economies (the G20) and we also got lots of people believing that corruption is NOT inevitable. Thousands of Christian groups in places like Nepal, France, South Africa, Australia, Benin, India, the Philippines and Malaysia made a positive noise about corruption, wherever it is found – in business and government and in personal practice.


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